Wednesday, 14 October 2009


Happy Birthday my sweet sweet boy.

At five years old, you:
  • Love computers
  • Love books and being read too - favourites at the moment being anything by Roald Dahl, Mo Willems and Quentin Blake
  • Are fascinated by mazes and optical illusions
  • Eat very well and love anything wrapped in pastry (not especially healthy but you love veg too!)
  • Love numbers and counting (you count to 300 every morning on the way to school!)
  • Enjoy listening and moving to music and have the best dance moves I've ever seen by a 5 year old!
  • Love school and are making amazing progress with your reading and writing (and you are so proud of yourself!)
  • Love monsters and anything scary but still get scared by funny little things (like the school teacher in Beegu - although she is pretty scary!)
  • Your favourite animal is a bat
  • Love to explore and pretend to be Indiana Jones
  • Still love to hide (same 3 hiding places everytime)
  • Fight tooth and nail with your little brother but are fiercely loyal and protective of him when others are involved
  • Still love to cuddle, kiss and sit on my lap (and you still insist you are going to live at home with us forever and come and work with me at school when you are grown up, when you're off duty as a super-hero of course!)
  • You are my favourite 5 year old in the whole world and we love you very very much - don't ever change beautiful boy.

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  1. I'll second those comments. You've articulate that really perfectly Kim. Made me tingle with pride. That's our boy and all I can add is that he really is a super-hero!!