Friday, 30 April 2010

Kissed by the rain

We have just got back home (from picking Big Son up from school) absolutely soaking wet. The heavens opened just at the wrong time and we were ill prepared. But it was lovely - i love rain when it's warm outside, it's refreshing and reviving.
The boys got very excited and my youngest came out with this little gem.

His theory is that the rain was kissing us all over because it loves us - and that explains why it stopped as soon as we got inside!

Friday, 23 April 2010

My favourite room

I had an urge to take some photos around our house this morning and ending up focusing on the dining room.

Its more of a family room and we spend a lot of time in here, it's also the centre of the house and nicely cluttered in the way I like (my husband doesn't approve - he hates mess!).

This is our picture wall - including photos of my boys when they were a few hours old. We made the patchwork background ourselves using pages from a William Morris calendar and scraps of wallpaper - it was an experiment really but we love it.

We have hundreds and hundreds of books in our house and many bookcases - this is a recent addition (cheap pine painted white) and holds mostly my books, as well as one of my jugs (I have a bit of a jug obsession!)

This is my favourite print in our house - its by Ashley G and says 'Every boy is a superhero sometimes'. We have several of hers now but this was the first and my favourite.

We were given this peg rack as a wedding present and it is perfect in this room (as well as being extremely functional).

More books, photos, kids art, toys etc........

Tuesday, 13 April 2010

Love this ........

We universally love Yo Gabba Gabba in this house (please bring it back Channel 4!) - and this is one of our favourite 'jingles'.

So cute.

Wednesday, 7 April 2010


Son 1 trying out his new skateboard bought with his Easter money.

Look at those skills!

Monday, 5 April 2010

Simon James

Easter bunny happened to leave us two picture books by Simon James this Easter - The Wild Woods and Leon and Bob .

We have actually borrowed most of his books from the library over the last few years but had never read these particular two.

These are definitely my kind of books - gorgeous illustrations, reminiscent of Quentin Blake (another big favourite of ours), the double page spreads are stunning and the stories are sweet and touching.

Most of his books seem to revolve around nature and have a lovely message for children.

If you haven't come across him, he comes highly recommended from this household.

Long time no see

Well, it's been such a long time - I have completly neglected this little blog for four long months now.

But I am back - with a vengeance! With lots more of our favourite things and little stories about our family life.

I've also started a new blog - dedicated to my cardmaking and general crafty adventures.

Anyway, it's good to be back and Happy Easter!