Friday, 23 April 2010

My favourite room

I had an urge to take some photos around our house this morning and ending up focusing on the dining room.

Its more of a family room and we spend a lot of time in here, it's also the centre of the house and nicely cluttered in the way I like (my husband doesn't approve - he hates mess!).

This is our picture wall - including photos of my boys when they were a few hours old. We made the patchwork background ourselves using pages from a William Morris calendar and scraps of wallpaper - it was an experiment really but we love it.

We have hundreds and hundreds of books in our house and many bookcases - this is a recent addition (cheap pine painted white) and holds mostly my books, as well as one of my jugs (I have a bit of a jug obsession!)

This is my favourite print in our house - its by Ashley G and says 'Every boy is a superhero sometimes'. We have several of hers now but this was the first and my favourite.

We were given this peg rack as a wedding present and it is perfect in this room (as well as being extremely functional).

More books, photos, kids art, toys etc........

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