Saturday, 22 August 2009

Meet Dylan

So we have decided to get a rabbit.

Our boys have been desperate for a pet for a while now, so we have decided to get one for our eldest for his upcoming birthday (he will be 5). We would love a dog, but its just not practical at the moment, can't have a cat because G is allergic to them, I'm not a fan of hamsters/gerbils etc, fish can't be cuddled and I definitely don't want anything coldblooded!

I have done a lot of research and although there is some work involved with a rabbit (although not as much as a dog), I think its a great idea.

We have found a lovely baby rabbit from a very helpful breeder (thanks Janette-if you ever read this). He is a mini-rex which means he has a velvety coat rather than a fluffy one and is cute as a button. Here's a pic:

He is only 4 weeks old and has to stay with his mother until at least 8 weeks, so we have a month or so to get ready for him. He is going to be an indoor bunny. They can be litter trained like cats and if handled well from early on will be friendly and sociable. Watch this space for more updates on Dylan Rex.

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