Monday, 24 August 2009

A proper cup of tea

My Mum bought me this lovely teaset for my birthday last year (thanks Mum!). Its by Whittards and I love it.

However, I realised today how rarely I actually use it.

When you've got two energetic boys vying for your attention it seems such an effort to heat the pot, spoon out the tea leaves, leave to brew, move the cup, saucer and teapot to the table, pour milk into a the milk jug etc.

But when I actually make the effort to do it (when 3 year old is napping and F is happily engrossed in film/book/game) it is so worth it, and I actually enjoy the process of making it properly. And best of all, it tastes (and smells) heavenly!

I had a conversation with my husband recently (prompted by an article in the Guardian a couple of weeks ago) about how happy you can feel when you sit back and really savour and enjoy an experience. By experience I mean everyday, routine rituals like preparing and eating your favourite sandwich, folding up freshly washed clothes, getting into a clean warm bed after a tiring day - you get the idea.

For me making and drinking a proper cup of tea is definitely a ritual that I am going to do more often, I've always believed that its the simple things in life that make you happy.

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