Friday, 16 September 2011

Dressing-up chest (part one)

Our youngest son was five a few weeks ago. Having two boys, less than two years apart, means its getting harder and harder to think of birthday presents for them.

My little one loves dressing up and acting in character, so I decided to fill up a toy-box full of dressing up clothes for him. I scoured ebay and charity shops for second-hand bargains, mixed them with a few new things and some props - and hey-presto - an original birthday present that will keep him and his brother entertained for many years to come.

As I was using a plain white toy chest that we already had - I decided that I need to decorate it, in some way to make it look a bit more special.

I had some A4 wallpaper samples that I ordered a while ago with another project in mind, and decided this was the perfect opportunity to put them to good use.

I cut each A4 page into six (roughly) equal rectangles, and arranged them in a pattern on the top of the chest.

I then glued them down with PVA glue mixed with a little water. Once dry, I covered them with a coat of matt varnish and left it to dry again. I then repeated this three times.

The matt varnish on top of the paper gives a lovely smooth feel and also protects it against the batterings/spilt coffee/juice/goodness knows what else, it is destined to receive.


  1. That's beautiful! I'm not crafty at all. Last thing I made was a cushion in year 8 Textiles. But I admire people who are good that that kind of thing.

  2. That is very pretty. Like LittleMe, I am not crafty, but I love seeing what other people make.

  3. What a good idea for a gift. Will look out for part two.