Friday, 30 September 2011

Friday Finds 01

Well, I've got a stinking cold that has had me laid up in bed for the last two days. Feeling slightly more human again today - which is good, as Friday is always a busy day here.
I've decided to start a new regular slot on here called Friday Finds.
The aim being to share some of the cool and inspiring things that I stumble across on the internet.
Because I like some structure in my life (and to stop me getting carried away!)- my Friday finds every week will include: an item for the house, an inspiring tutorial, a print that I love, an item of clothing and something for the kids. So here goes .....

  • Love these retro floor lamps - I'm coveting the red one for our cellar when its done.
  • Sleepover pillowcase tutorial - what a good idea.
  • Love this print - again think it would be perfect in the reading corner of our cellar.
  • How sweet are these dresses - especially the one on the right. From the US unfortunately.
  • We are changing the way we do the kids lunchboxes in this house after finding this blog.

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