Friday, 12 August 2011


This little boy was five on Monday.

At five, you:
  • Have a 'sense of fun and enthusiasm that is infectious' as your teacher wrote in your first school report
  • Love to draw and paint - and have a definite talent for it and a confident, quirky style
  • Have recently outgrown your hoover obsession! (thankfully)
  • Are loving, caring and so affectionate
  • Still have the occasional afternoon nap on the sofa
  • Still cry when you get properly told off and it breaks my heart (especially when your bottom lip wobbles)
  • Have a swagger about you that is going to get you noticed one day (in a good way!)
  • Love to 'pretend', to the point where you can spend all day in character, and we're not allowed to call you by your real name
  • Love to help me bake, especially when you get to lick the spoon at the end!
  • Don't eat many vegetables but your favourite fruits are peaches and strawberries
  • Love jacket potatoes, beans and cheese
  • Still fight and argue with your big brother, but you also think he's the greatest.
  • Have a soft spot for all your aunties and can charm the socks off them!
  • Are the most adorable little boy in the world - and I'm so glad you are my little boy. You make me happy every single day xx

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