Wednesday, 17 August 2011

Iced blobs

Since I treated myself to a this a few weeks back I've been baking almost every day, which is unusual for me. But the Kmix just makes everything so much quicker and easier - I love it. I was quite excited when I saw the contestants using them on The Great British Bake-Off last night.
I decided to give Iced buns a go today - never made them before, but I remember my Mum making them for us when we were little, along with Chelsea Buns (have to give those a go too).

They came out okay - not fantastic, but still distinctly Iced-bunish. I overcooked them and they were not as soft and squishy as I was hoping.
I also struggled to get the shape right, so they are more blob-shaped than anything else.
But these guys liked them - and got thoroughly sticky in the eating process.

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